Monday, June 25, 2012

My Test...

What sort of Traditional are you? (Take our quiz). 
For a foyer I would choose: a. a Lucite parsons table b. a trumeau mirror c. a piece of architectural salvage I found on the curb (I don’t know what it is, but I like it)

For a guest bedroom, I would use: a. a snow white down comforter b. one of my grandmother’s quilts c. a bedspread made from saris

My dream home is: a. the home in “Something’s Gotta Give” b. a cottage in the Cotswalds c. a funky 50s beach house

Under my feet I want: a. a sisal rug with a Greek key border b. an Oushak rug c. purple shag carpeting (but in just one room of my house)

My favorite palette for a bedroom is: a. taupe, cream and cappuccino b. blue-and-white with yellow accents c. saturated jewel tones

I like the look of a. a mostly green garden (green is a color!) b. hollyhocks, roses, and lacecap hydrangeas c. leggy dahlias with blooms the size of dinner plates

My favorite lighting is a. barely there track lights b. a Tiffany style lamp c. a vintage floor lamp salvaged from a hospital operating theatre

I would rather throw a. a wine and tapas buffet b. a formal dinner party c. a Mad Men themed cocktail party

I would prefer to tour: a. Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio b. The Cloisters (Metropolian Museum of Art) c. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

You guessed it; If you chose mostly a’s, you are Contemporary Traditional; mostly b’s, Classic Traditional; and mostly c’s, Edgy Traditional.

(thanks to Traditional Homes)

Vera xx