Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My idea: Ways to bring the outdoors in!

One piece of standout greenery with toning accessories in shades from lime to olive.

Don’t let the lack of a leafy vista hold you back – display porcelain branches and woodland creatures against a 

Mosses, lichens, grasses and ferns – recreate the colour and texture of the undergrowth with lush textiles, such as a bright green rug. Grain-rich furniture is the perfect finishing touch.

Introduce organic shapes that hint at the curves of sculptural leaves or fine lines of delicate foliage. Strong, simple styling and glossy surfaces keep the look contemporary, while a leaf-print rug ties the scheme together.

Capture a verdant forest mood with a vignette of green vases filled with freshly picked blooms.

Handmade by a boat builder in the Highlands, a teak freestanding bath is pure romance, and it reveals the versatility and simple beauty of timber. A wooden screen, stool and bath mat complete the look.

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